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London Scrap Metals
Wembley recycling Ltd
560 Market Way, Wembley, Middlesex, HA0 2BT
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Environment Agency Registration / Certificate No CB/CE5643HV
Scrap Metal Dealers Registration / Certificate No SMD/08728/13
Company Number 9384996
VAT Number: 210833643
Wembley scrap metal
560 Market Way, Wembley, Middlesex, HA0 2BT
About Us

Our years of experience picking up Scrap Metals from London is always a great help to our customers, That's why we have built up a reputation as the best London Scrap Metals company to collect your metals in London, We pride ourselves so much we even named our website London Scrap Metals, We strongly think Honesty is the best Policy that why we make sure our scales are 100 percent accurate so we can pay you the absolute best price possible for your Scrap Copper, Lead, Brass, Ali, Stainless Steel, Cable & Zinc.

Making sure we are punctual when going on a scrap metal recycling collection is very important to us, as time in a big city like London costs money, so Our aim is to save you time and money by getting there on time and even earlier in some cases, Collecting your Non Ferrous and Ferrous Metals in London on time is the reason why we are know as London's Reliable Scrap Metal Company.

Since 1st October 2013 it became Law that the buying of Scrap Metals had to be Cashless, This was a worrying time for customers selling high value metals like copper as they where unsure whether they would be paid straight away or paid at all, We built a great reputation as the company that collects and does an instant bank transfer, this meant funds where cleared in the bank even before our vehicle left the customer premises,

We are also happy to welcome new customers to have their Scrap Metals Collected via our Mobile Scrap Metal Service, Or you can even bring your non Ferrous Scrap Metals to Our Scrap Metal Yard in Wembley which is close to North West London.